Hi Lovely!

Can you believe it’s already Fall? The days are getting darker a little earlier and we finally get to bust out our Autumn-scented candles (BTW, the Sweater Weather three-wick at Bath & Body Works is EVERYTHING). Besides sipping on a pumpkin spice latte in our favorite knitted beanie, this time of year also signifies another change of the seasons. That’s right: it’s LIBRA season, baby!

If you’re a gal that was born between September 23 and October 22, then raise a glass because Libra season is a nonstop party! Libras are known for their endearing personalities and irresistible charm. Libras are also natural born leaders, and others naturally gravitate towards them not only because they’re sociable, but because they’re fair and objective. While Libra ladies are super independent, they also have a deep inherent need for partnership. As total romantics, Libras favor their one-on-one relationships above all others. However, their quest for perfect balance might get disrupted by their indecisiveness, which stems from their ability to always weigh both sides of a situation. But hey, that comes with the territory of having such a strong sense of diplomacy!

To celebrate Libra season, be sure to snag the Libra necklace. Did we mention that Libras are also known to love aesthetically beautiful things? So this is the perfect gift for any lavish Libra in your life ;) Though if they’re already naturally inclined to be on the indecisive side, it may be hard for them to choose between silver and gold!

Libras, it’s your turn! Get your sign in the Kollectin app - and rock your bad Libra self all season (and year) long!

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