Hey Lovely!

Did you know there's a BIG birthday today? That's right, the city of Los Angeles is turning 237!

We absolutely love Los Angeles, but we know we could be a little biased. After all, Kollectin is headquartered in LA LA Land! 

In honor of the City of Angels, Kollectin and Style Star Maya Hope Haider are releasing the delicate and oh so stylish Los Angeles Necklace designed by Melios.

If you don't know Maya, she's an LA girl with impeccable style, just look at her Instagram @mayahopehaider. Stunning, right? This babe LOVES LA, and we know she's not the only one. Whether you're surfing in Santa Monica, wine tasting in Malibu, shopping on Rodeo, hiking to the Hollywood sign, or hitting up an underground dance party in Silverlake, LA has something for everyone. It's as diverse as those who inhabit it. Whether you're here to land a job, chase a dream, or just to get some sun, Los Angeles is a melting pot of people and possibilities, and that's why we love it.

Speaking of possibilities, Melios is offering this stunning Los Angeles Necklace in both silver and gold. Choosing a color will be as difficult as deciding where to get brunch on a Sunday morning (but if you ask us, Pump in West Hollywood has the most charming ambiance). 

The Los Angeles Necklace not only represents the city itself, but it embodies the spirit of possibility this city has to offer. As we celebrate Los Angeles turning another year younger, let's also celebrate those who are continuously reaching for the stars. Cheers to the individuals who are persevering through life's challenges, to the dreamers and the doers whose aspirations are as big as the city they live in. 

Cheers to Los Angeles, and cheers to YOU babe!

You can shop the Los Angeles Necklace in Maya's Tiny Boutique, only on the Kollectin.

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