Hi Gorgeous!

Awards Season continues with music’s hottest night of the year: THE FREAKIN GRAMMYS, BABY! As Alicia Keys would say, these artists were on fireeeeee! 🔥See what I did there? 

Music’s hottest stars were serving SEXY, they were serving SOPHISTICATION, and they were serving freakin’ DRAMA. We’re talking more drama than Kanye interrupting Taylor circa the Grammys in 2009 (yes, that was an entire decade ago…we’re reeling too).

Alas, let’s take a look at some of the show-stopping ~lewks~ everyone is still talking about from this year’s Grammys.

Janelle Monae


This is the one, folks. Truly, it takes my breath away. Could anyone be more stunning in a headpiece made out of bobby pins? It’s a headpiece made out of literal bobby pins and Janelle Monae looks like a freaking GODDESS. Werk, queen. 

Cardi B

Cardi b.jpg

OKUR!!! Our bb Cardi B certainly made a statement to say the least. And we. are. LOVING IT. She is living out my deepest darkest pearly aquatic fashion dreams. Be a majestic clam, but make it fashion.

Lady Gaga


Ok, for someone who is always making an over the top fashion statement, I gotta say I am dying for this classic look on our Lady G. The only thing shinier than her dress was that stunning Tiffany & Co. necklace she wore (and, you know, the three Grammys she won that night).

Bebe Rexha


Alright. Let me take a deep breath. Bebe is the friend we all want and the artist we all deserve. That drip diamond necklace and blood-red dress were -truly- showstoppers.  

Jennifer Lopez


Holy moly, I think we can all agree that Jennifer Lopez is an ageless angel from above. The earrings, the hat, the DRESS. That diamond neckline is as impressive as Ms. Lopez herself.

Another Grammys have come and gone, but never fear. Up next we have the Oscars later this month! Until then, we'll be weeping at the sheer fierceness of these beautiful, talented ladies.


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