Hi Gorgeous!

Boy do we have some exciting news for you! We’ve been working super hard on something for a while now, and it’s been so difficult to keep our mouths shut about it 😝

Finally, the wait is over! We’re so excited to announce a brand new feature in the Kollectin app. *Drum roll please!* Presenting:

Kollectin XPERIENCE!

XPERIENCE is going to completely transform the way you shop. How? With Kollectin XPERIENCE, you can virtually “try on” jewelry before you buy it! Our new augmented reality feature places earrings and necklaces on your live video image in the Kollectin app, allowing users like yourself to accurately see the look and size of the piece as if you were actually wearing it! That’s right, you can now shop and try on jewelry from the comfort of your own home!

Try it out today! Open the Kollectin app, then tap Menu > XPERIENCE MODE. Or, simply shop and click on any piece that has the “Xperience it!” logo to test it out!

Um, shopping-in-your-PJs party anyone? You fire up the app, I’ll pour us a glass of rosé 😉

Happy shopping, bbs!


Your Friends at Kollectin