To our amazing customers,

As the global #climatestrike movement takes center stage, we pause for a moment to consider our own impact on this planet as a company.

When we first began the KOLLECTIN journey, we were very conscious of the fact that a huge contribution to the earth waste crisis was packaging, which some estimate to be 374 pounds per person in 2016. In balancing out consumer expectations with limiting plastic waste, we opted for better structured boxes so our customers can reuse them for jewelry keepsakes, as well as limiting its impact in landfills. Meanwhile, to reduce plastics, we shifted to bagging alternatives, such as cotton bags, as an attempt to limit our plastic usage, which, too, can be reused.

In terms of manufacturing, we only work with factories we inspect on a rotational basis to ensure chemicals for plating and jewelry manufacturing are properly disposed of rather than ending up in drains which leads to our shared water resources. In addition, our factories have shifted from burning coal as a heat source during winter to a solar energy alternative, which was the result of modernizing the production force.

Ultimately, in regards to material wastage, our hope is that by creating more enduring products, both in terms of quality and design, our customers will continue to wear them longer, and perhaps pass them on as gifts, which is at the core of limiting our impact on this planet.

For those customers who have written to us in the past to suggest alternative eco-packaging, thank you for making us aware of what we do, thus the gradual changes you now see with how we present our products. E-commerce is heavily reliant on fossil fuels to deliver our products, so we thank you as well for your patience when we bulk-package your orders when we see overlaps.


Your Friends at Kollecitn