gold consignment box


gold consignment box



Your Kollectin 'Gold Digging' journey starts with an invitation to our Gold Consignment Box program.




The Gold Consignment Box access is a special privilege that allows you to inspire others with your fashion style, and fulfill your entrepreneurial spirit!


  • Earn 50% of every sale from your Style Profile. 
  • $5 for each user that signs up to Kollectin through you.
  • 2% of their lifetime spending on Kollectin outside of your profile!
  • To access Gold Consignment Box invite: Download Kollectin on IOS and Android, and sign up with an Invitation Code.
  • Complete your Style Profile creation.
  • Pin 12 styles you love. These will be the styles you will ultimately promote to earn commissions on.
  • Requirement #1: Spread the word and invite at least 10 users to sign up to the app and join your Entourage.
  • Requirement #2: Have purchased at least 1 item from app.
  • When requirements are met, you will automatically receive an invite to access your Gold Consignment Box.
  • We will begin by shipping you the 12 styles you pinned. This way, you will have products on hand to photograph or promote.



To keep your Gold Consignment Box status, please achieve one or both of the following options:

shutterstock_403551229 copy.jpg
  • Option 1 - Upload 12 approved photos for each of your 12 received styles to your Style Profile on the Kollectin app. See our photo guidelines - here
  • Option 2 - Make 1 sale from your Style Profile:
    Purchase at least one item for yourself, or for your friends and family.

  • You have 3 weeks or 21 days to promote:
    Keep the pieces in this time period to photograph, promote on your social media platforms, or show in person to your friends and family. Get some tips of how to best generate sales - here

Return at or within the 3 weeks period:

  • Use the enclosed labelled envelope to return anything you don't need for free.
  • We will only charge you for the items not returned.
  • We will automatically charge you 60 days from the date of your order if we do not receive your return or you have not contacted us for an extension.   
  • You can find our Gold Box Return Instructions - here
  • Repeat each month:
    As long as you don't have another Gold Consignment Box outstanding, you can always pin another 12 items for the new month, and place another order to be sent to you.
    New Kollections are available every other month!