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I AM zoe

Empowering women in our creative world to dress and live comfortably within their own skin.


I AM zoe

Empowering women in our creative world to dress and live comfortably within their own skin.


Event Invitation

Join us at our Women’s Empowerment Panel: Launching a brand in the digital space and what’s next in social media entrepreneurship!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Rosalie Studios 120 E 8th St. Ste 610, Los Angeles, CA

8PM-9PM Network + Cocktail Hour
9PM-10PM Panel Discussion 

To automatically RSVP to the Women’s Empowerment Panel, use I AM ZOE's personal Invite to download the KOLLECTIN APP!

Step 1 - Click on RSVP link below

Step 2 - Type in your email address to 'Request Access'

Step 3 - Download Kollectin on Itunes or Play Store

Step 4 - Complete Kollectin's App sign up process

Step 5 - Show up to the event with the installed App!

Walk-ins are welcome too! We will be there to help you signup at the door!



Actress, Entrepreneur @fernandaromeroo


Fernanda Romero is a Los Angeles based actress, producer and the lead vocalist of her ‘folktronic’  band, WHITE CHERRIES. Inspired by the four basic elements of life, "Aer," "Flamma," "Aqua," and "Terra," She co-founded Vita Perfume, an essential fragrance line channeling the elegance of nature to empower the mind, body, and soul.



Founder & Content Creator @savvyjavvy


Javvy is the founder of the LA-based fashion, travel and lifestyle blog @savvyjavvy. She takes her audience throughout her travels around the world and offers advice on the who, what, where and what to wear in those cities. She is always on an adventure somewhere and loves to take her audience behind the scenes on the daily through Instagram stories, highlighting; fashion events, photoshoots and everyday blogger life. 



Co-owner Amarilo & Haati Chai @stellasimona


Stella Simona is a jewelry designer and influencer based out of Los Angeles California. Inspired by all the moments that have made her life beautiful, she wanted to utilize this space to document her journey. Her brands and blog are an intimate look into other aspects of her life -- all of which influence her designs and define her lifestyle.