Receive one complimentary style from us with a welcome note - The style will be a part of the 12 styles assortment used to Create Your Own Fashion Store.


A Kollectin Verified Support member will reach out to you via email, with details introducing you to Kollectin and our initial post proposal.


Review the Platinum Influencer Introduction page, and let your support contact know if you have any questions.

Complete the Partnership Confirmation form at the bottom of the page to confirm your interest for next steps.


Your Verified Support contact email instructions for you to select 11 additional complimentary styles for Your Store from our Influlencer Catalog.

Please use your correct name, email and shipping address with the following KOLLECTIN card to complete your order: 

CC# 0000-0000-0000-0000, Default EXP DATE, CVC: 000

We will send these styles to you on cue after your first post - Upon receiving it, you will have 12 styles total for shoots!


A Kollectin App invitation email will be sent to you - Download the app for your iOS or Android phone.

Do not sign up! - We will sign up for you and create your account based on your 12 selections.


Once Your Store is ready, we will let you know it's time to sign in to your account - Please do the following:

Change your password! - On the App, select 'Already have an account? Sign in!'. And tap on the forgot password function to go reset to a secure password of your choice.

- Login - Update your store photo to reflect your image.

- Update your store description to reflect your style.

(Note - We recommend not changing the store name as it functions as a secondary username).


Share Your Store link to invite followers - On your Kollectin App, go to the My Entourage tab. At the bottom of the page, press the 'Share your store link with friends' section to pull up options to share.


To view the details of the link, share it to an email application. Copy the link from the message, and test it on your mobile browser to be sure it works prior to posting.


Any follower who clicks on Your Store link, will be taken to a webpage that has Your Store displayed.

The webpage has an invitation card, whereby any follower can enter in an email address to receive immediate invitation to Your Store.


When posting on Instagram, please change your bio to include the unique store link for followers to enact.

(We will submit your initial post fee per your preferred payment method within 1 week after your post) 


Your complimentary Platinum Influencer plan (a $49.99/month value) has the following benefits:

- Earn 33% any sale from Your Store

- If your followers opens up shop, you earn 3% additional commissions of any transaction from their stores.

- Free shipping for any personal orders


To review your store sales earnings, please visit the 'Bling Report' tab on the Kollectin App.

Your Blings will be held in the Escrow tab for 25 days to process all needed returns if any. It will then show up on your Bling Report tab for you to claim or use.

Your Blings may be used towards further in-app purchases, or claimed as cash with a 1 to $1 value.


After your first post, you will receive your additional 11 items to keep your amazing momentum going!